Reintroduced to Myself Thanks to Coronavirus

Reintroduced to Myself Thanks to Coronavirus

Coronavirus was never once something that crossed my mind. It's been beyond scary at times. It's left millions without jobs, hope and in some cases its left people without their loved ones.

I was fortunate enough to keep my job and work from home. Like everyone else I was stuck at home. I was growing increasingly frustrated with everything (including my spouse).

Scrolling through social media only made it worse. I started to understand and actually feel the pain that others were experiencing. My friends were losing their jobs, businesses and life savings, while I was sitting comfortably by my pool or in my kitchen, complaining about my husband paying too much attention to me…. Seriously?? First world problems!

Something needed to change. In an effort to not drive myself insane, I started painting more often. If you want to get started, I found this color wheel article helpful. Start at the basics!

I’ve always been an artist but In this new world, I've taken the opportunity to stop smell the roses and become a master of my craft.

I started with painting simple, abstract pieces with all mediums. I mixed new colors, tried different techniques and watched videos on youtube learning from other artists.

Acrylics, watercolors, textures, & acrylic pouring… It was exhilarating! As I began to refine my new skills, I became emboldened continue developing as an artist.

The process of creating art is an outlet for me. I can express my emotions through a canvas and brush without ever speaking a word. The messages in my paintings during quarantine varied from complete turmoil to pure bliss. Somewhere in the midst of it all, I rediscovered myself. I began to remember who I was before jobs, bills & mortgages.

I spent my days working and my nights painting. My husband started asking questions showing interest in what I was doing.

For decades, research has been conducted on the healing power of art. The ability to express your emotions through painting has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.

When your mind is able to focus on one thing it naturally lets go of the stressors and anxiety. When this happens, cortisol levels begin to decrease, allowing your body to relax.

Whether it’s a pandemic or just a bad day, always take the time to create. If that’s what feeds your soul, don’t let the distractions in life take it away.

At work, I always tell my clients that if something is important to them, they will make time for it. I guess I needed the time alone during the quarantine to realize to my own advice. <3

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