How Art Acts As a Mediator Between You and Your Loved Ones

If you've ever gotten into an argument with a significant other...

Then you know the words MAD, JEALOUS and ANGRY.

Sometimes for a good reason, sometimes for no reason. 

I'm going to tell you a little story of why having the time and place to paint after an argument or even on the reg is helpful in your intimate relationships. 

Firstly, my boyfriends apartment was still fairly new... we usually spend Sundays together exploring new neighborhoods, making tea and relaxing.

This particular Sunday morning started off like any other... I usually make the bed before we venture off and this time I spotted an unusual item under the bed. 

A black piece of underwear!

I toss the covers and put my arm behind the bed and grab the underwear.

I raise it up in the air and analyze... dusty, black, underwear, size 6, H&M.



I said boyfriend (don't want to use his real name) these aren't mine. He goes yes they are. He says "You're the only woman besides my mom thats stepped foot in this house."

I squint my eyes and put my hand on my hips as he hangs each side of the underwear on his fingertips.

They're starting to look a bit more familiar - but still hold my claim.

I made all these connections in my brain, this happened and that happened, and all of a sudden and I've got an entire screen play written and ready to be sold!

We'll get to the main point in a second, 

Just so I don't leave you hangin'...

Sure enough when I get home I check my underwear draw and see the exact same pair. 


Is to remind you that you ARE crazy & art is YOUR thing. When you feel threatened by a situation making you angry, frustrated or anxious remember:

1. Confidence Will Improve Your Relationship

Remember confidence comes from feeling comfortable within yourself. Have your own hobbies, life and dreams. Confidence will not only improve your relationship with your significant other but also obviously yourself

2. Control Your Aggression & Bickering

Cursed at him with every stroke, but felt great and allowed me to get my mind back to a less aggressive state. In the moments you feel you have no one to turn to, remember you have yourself to pursue. Do what makes you feel best so that you can be the best for others.

3. Helps Communication After The Mind Has Cleared

Using art as an outlet put me in a better state. Not to think about anything, but to just be. To forget. Be mindful & give perspective. It transports you out of fight or flight to a unique euphoria. I understood my feelings moreso after taking some time which enabled me to better communicate. 

Lets continue to keep those cortisol levels down! whooohho. 

- Hannah Teicher