A Whimsical Facade | Interview @expressionabbey 20K

A Whimsical Facade | Interview @expressionabbey 20K

I wanted to start an interview series that would: 

  1. Help me understand the life of an artist.
  2. Help our customers learn from artists with a distinct style.
  3. Allow the artist to express themselves in an unfamiliar light.


Here is the first of 5 interviews. 

Meet Karina Gonzalez!

Karina is a 31 year old painter based out of San Diego, California.

Her paintings on instagram are truly one of a kind and captured my heart and mind.

I wanted to get to know her and her art a little better knowing readers would benefit from from the interview. Enjoy!


How It All Started
"I took an art class when in high school and threw every pieces away.  After that, I didn’t do art for more than 10 years."


"I started back again around August 2017 after I saw a process video of a beautiful artwork by one of my favorite artists (Maria Raczynska) and was inspired to go buy my first set of watercolors."
We asked Karina if she was supported by friends and family and were saddened by the answer. Because we too (most business owners) are way too familiar with the lack of support when creating something new. Listen to what she had to say: 


"Surprisingly, most of my friends and family members don’t support my art. Some, I don’t even tell because I know them and I know that they won’t support me or think it's good. Though they might not like art, I still love them and they still love me."


Her Work In Her Words
I think my pieces are Peaceful, Vibrant and a bit WhimsicalWhimsical because it depicts landscapes that are not as I see them but, as they make me feel. For example: When I paint mountains I am usually pulling from my memories of going to the nearby mountains (Mount Laguna and Julian). Those memories are some of my happiest memories and therefore, it only seems appropriate to use vibrant colors to depict them. 


How does @expressionabbey find inspiration?

 From nature and my feelings. Some of my favorite things to paint are sunsets, stars and mountains because, just the mere act of looking at them brings me happiness and wonder. I have suffered from slight depression on and off for years. You see, I kept this secret for most of my life. I rarely felt happy ever since I was a teenager. When I feel happy it is such a treat and I think this is why I choose to paint vibrant and whimsical pieces.


This is why my pieces are peaceful. They depicts smooth gradients, compositions and a certain air that says "If I could live in this painting it would allow me to sit and observe the scenery for eternity without interruption."



"I want to escape into my paintings sometimes. I wish I could live in the mountains, hike, observe my surroundings and watch the seasons pass peacefully."


Do you monetize your art?

 "I mostly paint for myself and not to sell but, I have sold through direct messages on my Instagram. I also have a shop on my website ExpressionAbbey.com where I stock pieces periodically. My main source of revenue from my art is from my classes on Skillshare."


Advice To Artists 
  • The hardest thing is being self taught and figuring out certain questions cannot be answered by a simple internet search.
  • In the beginning it’s good to copy from other artists, but add something from your imagination or a different style to the piece and soon enough you'll develop your own artistic style. 
  • Use masking tape and find a nice 3/4" stroke brush to work with.
  • If people repost your art on instagram, take it as a compliment. "I remember someone decided to post one art piece of mine to their Instagram account without crediting me. It had happened a few times before and I was a bit annoyed. Then thought - If people are taking the time to use my art to try and get likes, then it must mean it's good.


Was it worth it?
"Definitely! I found a hobby I enjoy! It keeps me sane."


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