Paint Pens | An Artist's Secret Weapon

Paint Pens | An Artist's Secret Weapon

They say paint pens are the bling of art. Okay, maybe nobody says that, but they really could.

Paint pens can produce really cool/beautiful/provocative art on their own, but what I love most about them is their ability to finish off paintings with a special touch.

Almost like the perfect piece of jewelry makes an outfit, or like that one recruited rookie that makes an unbeatable team.   

I'm telling you, these guys need to be in your art arsenal.


  • Opaque
  • Water Based 
  • Multi Surface


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  • Paint Pens are permanent on porous surfaces
  • Removable on non-porous surfaces such as glass and porcelain. 
  • You can make the paint permanent on non-porous surfaces by applying a varnish or baking the item. 
  • When using with watercolors on paper, you will want to make sure your paint has completely dried to prevent reactivating the watercolor (this can tear the paper) 
  • Use the opacity feature to paint light over darks. (You will want to wait for layers to dry before applying the next...)
  • Take advantage of their opacity and layer mixing reds and yellows perfecting a silent sunset (it is not recommended to use this technique on paper because it will likely result in tearing.)
  • You can rinse nibs (tips) in water to clean.   
Below are some helpful ways to use Paint Pens:
Use a thick 300 gsm paper to create washes of watercolor and use the white paint pen to create stars.
Personalize Your Surfboard
Mark and Date Polaroids
Tag A Sticker
Embellish Photographs
@kaseythegolden broke the ink pockets on some Polaroids and challenged herself to create art out of the ink blobs with paint pens.
Turn a Boring Store Bought Card Into A Retro Masterpiece
Sneaker Art 
Overlay A Cool Background With A Striking Opaque Image
If you made it to this point, you my friend, are obsessed with the jewelry of the art world - paint pens. If this obsession is wrong, then being right is definitely overrated. 
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