One Simple Secret To A Life As A Recognized Artist

One Simple Secret To A Life As A Recognized Artist

How many successful artists do you think there are out there that aren't in touch with their emotions and feelings?

A. 0%

You know how we know this? 

Because in order to achieve success you need to have these characteristics. 

  • Commitment and Discipline...
  • Tenacity and Fortitude...
  • Clarity and Certainty...
  • Responsibility and Accountability...
  • Time Management and Balance...
  • Reality and Pragmatism...

If you've got all this down. Stop reading. This isn't for you. 

But for those of you who want to take a step forward today. Listen up!

Before you're able to master those skills you need to master yourself and start developing yourself as an artist. 

There is no way an artist is able to develop, progress or create anything worthy without digging deep into the depths of their soul. 

The only thing that makes you different are the stories hidden deep within you. The ones that hurt, the ones you push away and the ones that make you, you!

Bring them to life and relive them through your artwork.

Allow them to heal you.

Change their outcomes on paper.

Scream at someone who hurt you.

Cry and rip your paper (we call this abstract). 

Why Start With Self Expression & Communication?
1. Because without you being in touch with your sense of self and who you are and want to be. You're shooting in the dark, trying to be another artist. Remember: do what comes naturally. 
2. You start to develop a style of your own that is effortless. 

There is a method to the madness, trust me! By painting and drawing, you can manifest anything you want onto paper.

Do you know what that means?

Everything you've been keeping inside...

Everything you've been holding in...

The job frustrations...

The time that you don't have...

The chores you don't want to do! 

Your baby weight...

All the pressures of becoming the next watercolor or acrylic artist with 90k followers will start to come effortlessly. 

It all slips away while you start to paint. But also allows you to discover something pretty awesome that recognized and developed artists have already tapped into...

Their own artistic style. 

Steps To Developing An "Artistic Style"
Step 1. Get your conscious and unconscious thoughts on paper.
  • I don't care how.
  • Think of something.
  • Choose an idea, an event, a situation that triggers you emotionally. Happy or sad. E.g. a feeling, a moment from a story, a facial expression, a loss or a love.

Step 2. Practice.

  • Set a time to practice and don't get up until you've done something different. Whether you like it or not. 
  • I personally challenge you to finish what you start. Because most people don't. And you're not most people are you. 
  • Finish it.
  • I want you to turn your phone off. People are wasting your time. You have goals and you don't have forever to reach them. 
  • Get your planner, phone calendar or old school calendar out right now. 
  • I'll wait a few seconds...

Got it?


Choose a day thats good for you. When the kids are in school. When you get home from your time sucking job. 

^ these are all excuses by the way. 

We don't do this. A recognized artist doesn't make excuses.

They get it done. I don't care what excuses you have. 

  • Pick a day 
  • Set a time
  • Turn your phone off 

Step 3. Before you start I need you to dig. DEEP. 

  • The deeper you dig within' the more you'll blossom. 
  • The deeper you dig the better results you'll get with your creation
  • Follow whats effortless, this will most likely be your best work. 
  • This is where your style will start to emerge. You will find it. You may tweak it. Or it may just come when you need an outlet. 

Like me for example.

I used to get anxiety attacks. To cope with them I started drawing little figures. These little monsters that expressed how I was feeling. 

Here are some of my drawings, how nuts do these look!



Written by: Hannah Teicher 


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