Man Meets Madness | Interview with @youpayforlife

Man Meets Madness | Interview with @youpayforlife

Continuing on with our artist series, tonight I have the pleasure of editing the interview with 32 year old Gerardo Cuevas from Tijuana Baja, Mexico. 

Lets dive in!

"Human, distortion & chaos."

Gerardo says: My art is based off how distorted the mind is & how incredibly different mine works from yours. There are infinite ways of perceiving reality. 

"Living as an artist is hard, especially because Mexico has very limited growth opportunities. Regardless of the hardships here in Mexico - I've decided to take the leap and make my hobby more serious. I will be happiest when I find stability and growth from what I know deep down is what i'm meant to do."

What was the hardest thing about your development as an artist?

I’ve found it challenging to find a balance between focusing on art and making a good living.

I have to deal with:

  1. Having a job.
  2. Searching for space to grow as an artist.
  3. Building and updating my professional portfolio & website.
  4. Making sure I don't miss an exhibition.
  5. Connecting with other artists.
  6. Research and all the necessary work that needs to be done to drive me forward aside from creating.


I started this project called You Pay For Life a couple of years ago with the intent to share my creative experiments and process. I mixed all my different interests, mostly focused on visual arts, interior design and architecture.

After consistantly working on this project and experimenting i've become more confident and have solidified my own personal style which i'm happy about. 

"Growing up, one of my family members struggled with a mental illness. I grew up  with many interesting thoughts regarding the human brain. This narrative is obviously reflective in my art but does not solely define it. I am also influenced by nature, music and studying other artists!" I now sell my art and prints on my website, Instagram or through exhibitions. 

My advice to you:

"Experiment with different styles and techniques, but most importantly, don’t stop working!

I think its extremely important not to compare your art with others, try to get inspiration instead of competing to be better. 

Experiment with different mediums and you will surprise yourself with the finished result. When I feel stuck and my art looks repetitive - this does the trick. 

"Art is infinite. The sooner you learn theres no right or wrong way of creating - you'll see your artwork become something special."

I think its safe to say after speaking with Gerardo: "Perfection is boring."

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