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My Best Life Workbook

Wake Up To A Life You're Inspired To Live In 10 Years? Or 2.5 Seconds? 


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Sick of moving against the current of life rather than flowing with it?

With this limited edition, brilliantly curated "Best Life Journal", you tap into thousand year old traditions and ritual to gain the tools and insight needed to live your best life on your terms & faster than you thought possible. 
Climb out of the depths of hell and learn the power of control, obedience and subconscious clearing for a beautiful 3d life. 


  1. Levels of reality
  2. Bullshit breathing
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Subconscious
  5. Universal law of attraction
  6. Sacred rituals
  7. Tools/ spell work
  8. Divination
  9. Intension


Matte Finish,

300+ Insightful Pages

6in x 9in (Perfect For Travel)

What Makes This Best Life Workbook DIFFERENT?

  • ​Simple... it's science! Based on Neuropsychology, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Insight from some of our favorite Buddhist Monks & Ancient Mystical Teachings from long ago. We took what we know works within each group separately without judgement and have packaged for you one of the most lucrative journal collections in the entire world. Millions of years of history calculated and curated for you at your fingertips. 
  • ​Most planners are full of fluff. Empty pages with no guidance. I know you don't want to continue wasting your precious time. Which is why we've skipped the BS fluff and got straight to what works. Science & Spirituality for a better structured life.
  • ​These ideas and practices aren't taught in school and are essential in gaining control of your mind, here you will find success, & you will find it fast. With the right tools, the right mindset, accountability program & community, you'll stop creating matter to matter & you'll defy the laws of physics as you pull the person you envisioned yourself to be... to you FASTER than you ever thought possible!
  • Gain the tools you want to relax and focus to accomplish more tasks
  • ​Learn to tap into your subconscious to give yourself suggestions when you don't feel like moving 
  • ​Learn the secrets to the law of attraction so that you can pull what you want to you instead of trying to manifest things matter to matter
  • ​Easy customization
  • ​Packed with fill ins & brand new material
  • ​Use the art of ritual to ground yourself for a productive day & life
  • ​Master the power of divination & intention setting to feel changes within minutes
  • ​Find happiness & joy in your daily life


  • ​Reach Your Potential FAST!
  • ​​Ditch Bad Habits
  • ​​Increase Vibrations
  • ​​Master Time Management
  • ​​​No Confusion, Just Fun Guidance 
  • ​​Manipulate Destructive Self Programs (you'll learn about that)
  • ​​​Increase Awareness
  • ​​Make More Money 
  • ​​​Become the best parent & spouse for the people you care about most

Find Freedom, Happiness & Clarity... Stop waiting on tomorrow!



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